Luxury too has an Explanation. I will Explain Why Anything is So Expensive Now.

So, Why is that Thing You are Looking at So Expensive? This is the place to Find Factual Elaborate Answers.

We are all born curious beings. We want to live our lives the best way possible by understanding our surroundings better.

If you look around you, chances are, you will see something that you think is more expensive than its peers in a similar category. Everything else could be exactly similar except the price.

So, the question is, what justifies some of the astronomical prices on products and services we encounter in our daily lives?

This blog intends to inform readers why anything they think is costly gets its value from. It is a combination of real life experience and research on different expensive things around the world to unravel the secrets behind their hefty prices.

I will dive into anything people deem expensive and come out with more than a simplistic answer to your queries.

About the Author

Duncan Majani is a curious writer who loves to go into unexplored rabbit holes to unravel the answers and mysteries that baffle many people. I have no problem paying hefty prices, especially if I Understand the whys behind them. 

So, I ask questions and research heavily about some of the most expensive things in our world and if it fascinates me, I know it will fascinate you too.

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Duncan Majani

Duncan Majani