We all know at least one thing that is outrageously expensive. But what is it that makes it so expensive? Let’s decode the secrets behind those hefty price tags.

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Eggs prices

Why are Eggs So Expensive Right Now?

Almost everything has become increasingly expensive, from rent to transportation and even groceries.  However, if you’ve been out shopping for your weekly groceries, you must have noticed the exorbitantly high prices of eggs. Eggs are now

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Why is it expensive?
Duncan Majani

About Author/Editor

Duncan Majani is a curious writer who loves to go into the unexplored rabbit holes to unravel the answers and mysteries that baffle many people. I have no problem paying hefty prices especially if I Understand the whys behind them. So, I ask questions and research heavily about some of the most expensive things in our world and if it fascinates me, I know it will fascinate you too.

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