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Novogratz furniture

Is Novogratz Furniture Really Expensive?

Recently, heiress Paris Hilton teamed up with the Novogratz, as they are known, for her first foray into the world of interior design.

This latest celebrity partnership has created a lot of buzz for the brand, with questions like who they are and how loaded you have to be to enjoy a Novogratz-worthy living space?

About The Novogratz

Novogratz furniture is an American design brand by Robert and Cortney Novogratz, a married duo based in America. Heavily influenced by luxe and a modern touch, Novogratz is a favorite among both new and seasoned decor lovers.

Their portfolio boasts of celebrity mansion makeovers, boutique hotels, and even an entire castle. With such big celebrity names associated with the brand, interested buyers are curious about Novogratz furniture prices.

Novogratz furniture is relatively affordable compared to other more expensive brands like Horchow. Their average price range for heavier furniture falls between $200 to $500. Even with a tight budget, buyers have a wide selection of trendy, luxe furniture.

In this article, we explore Novogratz furniture and the secret behind its explosive popularity.  Read on to find out, if it’s worth the hype? 

Why is Novogratz Furniture So Popular?

Several factors have made Novogratz products so popular among furniture enthusiasts.

1.    Spoiled for Choice

Novogratz boasts a wide range of furniture and decor items to choose from. A quick look at their Amazon page will reveal a variety of house furnishings to choose from. The beds come in Queen, King, and Normal sizes.

Futons have different fabric and color options. The product line is very versatile and accommodating to a large variety of tastes. With a successful pet clothesline already available for sale, the future looks exciting.

1.    Raving Customer Reviews

Novogratz has an impressive track record of positive customer reviews. Amazon has an average of 4.5/5 stars on Novogratz listings. Buyers describe the furniture as elegant, practical, trendy, and budget-friendly.

Online buyers’ reviews also mention getting exactly what was advertised, reducing the likelihood of returned items.

2.    All Colors of the Rainbow

Novogratz has something for everyone irrespective of different tastes in color schemes. Bright colorful rugs and decor items are catered to kid’s play areas and fun spaces.

Beige and Nude for neutral and minimalist interiors. Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of color choices for different parlor and backyard settings.

3.    Expert Tips and Tricks

A regularly updated blog on the Novogratz official website generously offers tips and tricks on how to best utilize space, colors, and fabrics in living spaces.

Numerous pictures on their social media pages also show their approach to styling most of their products, a quick and easy representation of what the customer will be buying.

4.    Ease of Shopping.

Novogratz is easily accessible online with delivery and pick-up options. Buyers can easily choose sizes and colors, compare prices and order the items from the comfort of their homes.

There isn’t a physical store yet and no mention of any coming up in the foreseeable future.

5.    Fast Shipping.

A quick search of Novogratz shipping reviews will pop up surprising results, buyers praising the shipping and delivery time for items.

Both local and international buyers mention Novogratz taking less time in their deliveries as compared to similar brands shipping the same distance.

This popularity especially grew during the Covid-19 lockdown. Late delivery times are a major complaint with online shoppers. It then comes as no surprise that this is a big win for the brand.

6.    Novogratz Accepts Afterpay

What’s better than having alternative financial options to furnish your dream home? With the option of Afterpay, Novogratz ensures that even cash-strapped buyers have a beautiful home on a comfortable payment schedule.

Some Expensive Novogratz Products

Some of the products listed on the official Novogratz website are well beyond the affordable mark. Granted, the price ranges depend on the different sizes and colors available.

Below are some of the highest-priced items in different sections;

1. Perry Sectional with Storage

Price: $999.00

Made from camel faux leather, this beautiful convertible couch also serves as a bed for visiting guests or as a bed for a small living space.

2. Novogratz Teddi Outdoor Lounge Chairs.

Price: $749.00

This set of 2 outdoor chairs comes in 4 different colors.  An amazingly beautiful furniture collection for the outdoors.

3. Brittany Bed with Storage Drawers.

Price: $899.00

The luxury king-size bed comes in grey with four pull-out drawers. The queen and normal size options with various color options are priced at a lower rate.

4. The Mint colored Shelf Storage Cabinet

Price:  $649.99

Novogratz storage lockers are a favorite among buyers, with most colors unavailable. This one is almost always sold out on Wayfair.

Is Novogratz Furniture Worth it?

Novogratz furniture is a worthy investment for a home makeover. The affordable furniture price is one of the most attractive features of this brand.

Customers don’t have to dig too deep to afford a beautiful rug for the kid’s playroom or a new curtain set for the living room.

Buyer reviews also reveal customer satisfaction with their purchases. The beds and futons are easy to assemble. A review on Amazon mentions a lady who assembled a new bed on her own in only about two hours by following the manual provided.

The products are long-lasting, providing value for money.

With an impressive track record of long-lasting quality and value for money, affordable luxe pieces, and unique home decor items, what’s not to love?

Where to Buy Novogratz Products

The official website, Shop the Novogratz is the leading site to acquire all Novogratz products. The site is regularly updated on all available stock, colors, and sets.

Leading online shopping platform Amazon features The Novogratz Store, a one-stop-shop for all things furniture and interior decor. Other leading stores featuring the product line include Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wayfair and Target.

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