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Why is Duracell expensive?

Why are Duracell Batteries Still So Expensive?

Duracell is a household name popular for its line of alkaline batteries. However, while Duracell batteries are some of the oldest in the market, they seem to have gotten more expensive in recent years.

So, why are they still highly-priced compared to other battery brands in 2022?

After a little digging, we concluded that Duracell batteries are primarily expensive because of their stored energy. Duracell batteries have up to three times more stored energy than generic alternatives. Their reliability, marketing, and brand perception also impact their price.

But there’s more to these hefty price tags.

This article looks at why Duracell batteries cost so much more than their competitors. Keep reading to find out if they’re worth the price.

About Duracell Batteries

Duracell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of alkaline batteries, rechargeables,  specialty cells, and smart power systems.

Although it’s currently owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the American business conglomerate, it started in the 1920s as The P.R. Mallory Company.

Mallory began making AAA zinc-carbon batteries in the 50s and later adopted the “Duracell” brand name in 1964 to signify its battery cells were durable.

Wy are duracell batteries expensive?

What Are Duracell Batteries Used For?

Duracell alkaline batteries are used in a wide range of consumer electronics, including digital cameras, high-powered toys, remote controls, flashlights, shavers, and many more.

Duracell Battery Price

How Much Is a 2 Pack of Duracell Batteries?

A 2 pack of Duracell 1.5v AA alkaline batteries costs around $6, while a 2 pack of AAA Duracells cost around $5. These prices are pretty high considering that a 2 pack of generic AAA or AA batteries cost less than $1.

Why Are Duracell Batteries So Expensive?

Duracell batteries are definitely more expensive than their competitors. Let’s look at some reasons for these high prices:

1. Excellent Stored Energy

The best way to tell if a battery is giving you value for money is by testing how much energy it has compared to cheaper alternatives.

According to a series of independent tests, AA Duracell batteries have around 9398 Joules (2.61 Watt*hours) of stored energy.

This is significantly more than generic alternatives like the AA DG (Dollar Store) battery, which was found to have 2983 Joules (0.829 Watt*hours.) 

Duracell batteries were also found to have consistent voltage throughout the test, while the dollar store batteries’ voltage dropped inconsistently.

Interestingly, when we calculate the energy per dollar between the two tested batteries, it’s almost at par.

Duracell batteries have more stored energy but cost significantly more ($0.69 per cell). Dollar store batteries, on the other hand, cost $0.20 per battery but had three to four times less energy. 

This means that Duracell batteries would last up to three times as long as the Dollar store batteries in most real-world use cases.

Further, if you use the batteries to power high-drain devices that require consistent voltage, the dollar store batteries might not work properly even when they still have some stored energy.

2. Reliability

Duracell has a solid quality assurance department that ensures the claims they make in marketing are factual.

When you buy a Duracell battery, you can be sure it will not stop working after two days. This is partly due to its long shelf life, which allows it to stay intact for a long time, even in humid areas.

Knock-off brand and generic batteries are notorious for having inconsistent saved energy even when they’re new due to lack of quality control.

Therefore, you can buy the batteries once and enjoy good battery life but receive poor service from the same brand in your next purchase.

Due to this consistently good quality, many consumers are willing to pay more for Duracell batteries and avoid disappointment. 

 3. They Invest in Marketing

If you watched a lot of television in the 90s or 2000s, you probably remember a Duracell advertisement. Next to Eveready, Duracell is the battery company that invested the most in marketing during that period.

This established it as a globally recognizable brand, with the bunny mascot used in advertisements being as popular as the batteries themselves.

4. Brand Perception

Duracell is one of the oldest and most recognizable battery manufacturers in the world. Thanks to its decades of reliability and creative marketing, it’s generally considered better than the competition.

Therefore, for the regular consumer who does not test the stored energy, Duracell is the best because it’s always been around. Duracell is aware of its image and charges more to keep the “premium products” image.

5. Huge Investments in Research and Development

Duracell also invests heavily in R&D to ensure its products remain competitive in the ever-growing battery market.

Every few years, Duracell releases a new type of battery that outperforms its predecessor and becomes the industry standard.

Since battery research and development is not cheap, the costs are absorbed by customers.

Are Duracells expensive?

Which Is More Expensive, Duracell or Energizer?

Duracell is much more expensive than Energizer. For instance, a 2 pack of AAA Duracell batteries costs $5.65, while a 2 pack of AAA Energizer cost about $3.

Is There a Difference Between Duracell and Generic Batteries?

There’s a difference between Duracell and most generic batteries in the amount of stored energy, shelf-life, and overall reliability.

Most generic batteries also have unstable voltage, while Duracell retains a consistent voltage throughout its use.  

Do Duracell Batteries Last Longer?

When tested against generic batteries of the same type, Duracell cells have been noted to last up to three times longer.

However, when tested against equally premium batteries like Energizer, the difference in battery life is minimal.

Are Expensive Duracell Batteries Worth the Money? 

Duracell batteries are definitely worth the money. While they are expensive at the initial purchase, they make up for it with quality service and long life.

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Where to Find the Best Deals on Batteries

Although Duracell batteries are typically twice as expensive as their competitors, it’s possible to find good deals, especially when you buy in bulk. Here are some of the best places to buy batteries at a bargain:


The world’s largest e-commerce site often has discounts on batteries. Check them out in different pack sizes.


Due to the economy of scale, Walmart is sometimes able to sell batteries for less than MSRP.


If you want to buy a bunch of batteries at wholesale price, Costco should be your first stop shop.

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