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why are frenchies expensive?

Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive? (Are they Worth the Price?)

Pudgy-faced Frenchies are the most beloved and popular dog breed in the USA, only second to Labrador retrievers. 

With average Frenchie prices as high as $3000, this dog breed is one of the most expensive in the world. What makes these cute floppy-eared dogs so expensive?

French bulldogs are so expensive because of the costly breeding process. French bulldogs are conceived through an expensive artificial insemination process. The female bulldogs have small birth canals and must undergo C-sections, further raising the post-pregnancy care costs. 

Are you considering buying a French bulldog as your new fluffy pet?  Read on to find out the best type of Frenchie for your lifestyle.

How Much Does a French Bulldog Cost on Average? 

The average French bulldog costs $1,500–$3,000, with the most expensive costing as much as $100,000. Color, age, and pedigree bloodlines are some of the factors influencing the price of a French bulldog.

Why are French Bulldogs So Popular? 

French bulldogs are really cute and cuddly. They are also easily adaptable and live comfortably even in small apartments.

They are the perfect companion dog. Owners describe them as having a mischievous sense of humor.

They also tend to develop a “personality”, mopping around when scolded or doing their version of the zoomies by running round and round the coffee table when excited. They are also playful and affectionate with kids.  

Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive? 


With some french bulldogs costing up to $3,000, you may be wondering what adds up to a high price tag. Here is a full breakdown to understand what makes these cute fluffy dogs so expensive;

1. Breeding Costs

French Bulldogs are expensive to breed. The male cannot mount the female naturally due to the size of their hips. They require artificial insemination to breed.

Male stud fees and genetic testing for this process alone cost about $7000 and $1000 respectively. The females have a narrow birth canal and require C-sections to give birth.

These cost about  $750 – $2,500. With just these numbers, it is easy to see why these dogs end up being so expensive. 

2. Small Litters

When pregnancy is successfully confirmed, the litter is usually quite small. On average, a French Bulldog’s litter only has three puppies. In addition, female Frenchies have very few births.

This is because of multiple health issues that the breed has. Breeders limit the births to three or four at a maximum for the entirety of the female’s life.

This means that the number of puppies available barely meets the demand from prospective owners.

3. Coat Color

French bulldogs have a variety of really beautiful coat colors such as blue fawns, chocolate, and blues.

These unique colors are quite rare because they are caused by a naturally recessive gene. The rarer the color, the more expensive the Frenchie.

4. Post-Pregnancy Costs

After giving birth to new puppies, females require a high protein diet to facilitate lactation. These diets are usually quite expensive.

Breeders, therefore, have to take care of the newborns. They are very delicate to handle and demand a lot of care and attention. This adds to the final cost of the puppy you get to bring home.

5. Health Complications

Frenchies are prone to a hoard of health issues that emerge as early as their second year. Decades of selective breeding have left the dog breed with severe physical abnormalities that lead to health complications.

These complications include narrowed nostrils that cause breathing difficulties and skin fold dermatitis. The vet expenses for all these complications add up over time, making this an expensive breed to own.

Types of French Bulldogs and their Average Prices

Depending on your budget, there are many types of French bulldogs to choose from when buying. Here are some of the most popular ones; 

1. Lilac French Bulldogs 

Lilac Frenchies are very rare and beautiful. They usually have yellow, light brown, or blue eyes. These Frenchies are one of the most expensive breeds.  

2. Isabella French Bulldogs 

Why are frenchies expensive?
An Isabella Frenchie: Image source

Isabella is the rarest of all French bulldogs. According to breeding experts, the dilution recessive gene is the determiner of the Isabella color in french bulldogs. Even with selective breeding, Isabella is the rarest color to achieve. Frenchies with this color usually have noses with pink or light brown hues and light brown or light blue eyes.

3. Merle French Bulldogs 

Merle Frenchies have a very beautiful coat of fawn, cream or blue as the dominant color, adorned with patches of dark or black markings.

However, Merle bulldogs are very controversial. They are not purebred bulldogs but crossbreed of merle Chihuahuas. Merle is not a recognized French Bulldog color variation.

4. Fluffy French Bulldogs 

Fluffy Frenchie: Image Credits

The Fluffy Frenchies are very rare and incredibly expensive. They are just like regular French bulldogs, but with a longer fluffier coat. Fluffies are pure Frenchies but with a rare recessive gene called LH, that results in a long fluffy coat.

Most Expensive French Bulldog 

The most expensive Frenchie in the world is Micro Machine. Valued at a whopping $100,000, Micro made it to the top of the pyramid as the most expensive Frenchie to date. Micro has a blue coat and orange eyes, a rarest and most beautiful combination. 

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How Much is a French Bulldog Puppy? 

Before purchase, it is good to ensure that your Frenchie puppy has stayed with the mother for a minimum of eight weeks after birth.

The puppies should also be taken for regular health checks and vaccinations before they are eight weeks.

On average, bulldog puppies will cost you about $2000 to $3000. However, famous pedigree bloodlines may cost an upward of $7000.

Are they Worth the Prices? 

Don’t let the hefty prices discourage you, French bulldogs are worth every dollar. These cute, adorable pudgy dogs are the best companions you can have.

If you would like a Frenchie but are not willing to pay the hefty rates, there are also many bulldogs in rescues that you can adopt from.

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