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Why are iphones expensive?

Why are iPhones So Expensive?

iPhones are arguable the most coveted tech products in the world. While there are hundreds of smartphone brands, the iPhone is still considered the industry standard.

However, these phones are anything but cheap. So, why are they so expensive?

iPhones are primarily expensive because of the Apple ecosystem. iPhone users are so used to Apple services that it’s almost impossible to switch to another operating system. Their cameras, high performance, and great support also contribute to the high price tags.

In this article, we’ll look at why iPhones are so expensive. Read on to find out if a new iPhone is worth it in 2022.

About iPhone 

iPhone is Apple’s smartphone brand. The first iPhone was launched in 2007 by Steve Jobs and is considered the beginning of smartphones as we know them.

While it didn’t introduce any new features that weren’t already available in other smartphones at the time, it combined some of the most essential features in a revolutionary design.

The iPhone went on to become the most successful smartphone brand in the world and has held its position a decade and a half later.

In fact, it is solely responsible for the death (or steep decline in sales) of the mid-2000s mobile phone giant Nokia.

Why Are iPhones So Popular?

There are countless reasons why iPhones are so desirable. However, the most prominent one is their brand reputation.

Apple is known to produce nothing but the best. When you buy an Apple product, you can rest assured you have the best money can buy.

What Is So Special About iPhone?

Generally, the iPhone is not miles ahead of its competitors in terms of technology. In fact, some smartphones have arguably better physical features than the iPhone.

The iPhone, however, outshines any other smartphone when it comes to the operating system. iPhones use iOS, a mobile operating system designed and built from the ground up by Apple.

As a result, the OS is tailormade for the iPhone, unlike other competitors such as Android, which have to be optimized to work on any generic phone.

This gives the iPhone a software experience unrivaled by any other smartphone.

Most Expensive iPhone

The most expensive commercially available iPhone in 2022 is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Prices range from $1099 for the 128GB model to $1599 for the 1 TB model.

All 13 Pro Max models come with a 120HZ  6.7 inch Super Retina Display, some of the best cameras on any smartphone, and Apple’s A15 Bionic chip.

Cheapest iPhone

The cheapest commercially available iPhone in 2022 is the iPhone SE 2022, which starts at $429. The SE is basically an iPhone 8 with an upgraded chip and 5G connectivity.

It, therefore, has the same 4.7’ LCD display as the iPhone 8, a single 12-megapixel rear and 7-megapixel front camera, and of course, the front-mounted fingerprint reader.

The iPhone SE looks odd in 2022 with the small display, big bezels, and single camera setup, but it serves a sizeable audience of people who don’t like all the huge phones on the market.

Why iPhone is Expensive Than Android 

From the prices above, you can tell iPhones are more expensive than Android phones with comparable specifications. Here are some of the reasons they’re priced so highly:

1. The Apple Ecosystem

iphone and apple products
Apple products

The primary reason most people will pay $1500 for an iPhone instead of $899 for an Android device with similar features is the Apple ecosystem.

Since the first iPhone, Apple started building a wall around its products. Once you bought an iPhone, you’d need to buy an Apple computer to maximize its compatibility and vice versa.

Several everyday services like iMessage, Apple Music, Facetime, Siri, and Airdrop are only available to Apple devices. Therefore, buying an Android smartphone after an iPhone locks you out of the ecosystem you’re so used to. 

There’s also the “Green bubble Blue bubble” issue. Since most Americans use iMessage to text and form groups, you’ll be left out of some conversations if you buy an Android.

As a result, even Android enthusiasts often have an iPhone to communicate with family and friends. 

2. Class-Leading Cameras

Apart from basic communication, most people buy smartphones for their cameras. iPhone cameras are generally regarded as the best cameras on any smartphone. 

Some Android flagships like the Galaxy S22 Ultra have several advantages over the iPhone, such as high megapixel count and better zooming capabilities.

This gives them an edge in some situations, such as when you need more detailed photos or you’re shooting in low light.

However, you can trust the iPhone to take a usable picture in any situation, lighting on the first attempt.

As a matter of fact, some Youtube and Tiktok creators shoot their content using iPhones. This makes it a clear choice for anyone who likes to take pictures on their phone.

3. Quality Customer Support

Compared to Android competitors, Apple has stellar customer service. If your iPhone develops a problem, you can contact the Genius Bar for a reservation and get it solved promptly.

Most Android manufacturers, on the other hand, don’t even have physical shops in the US. Therefore, if your Xiaomi device starts malfunctioning, you’ll have to talk to a call center in Asia or fix it yourself using YouTube tutorials.

4. Performance

While there are many powerful Android smartphones in the market, iPhone is by no means left out. The A15 Bionic chip found on every new iPhone can compete with the top-of-the-line Snapdragon and MediaTek chips found on all Android flagships.

Further, despite having less RAM than most Android flagships, iPhone benefits from iOS optimization. This makes it just as smooth to operate and multitask as Androids with twice the RAM.

5. Branding

When you buy an iPhone, you don’t just buy a smartphone, you also buy the Apple brand. Apple is the most desirable brand across the tech industry. 

iPhones are also perceived to be flawless products. This means that in most people’s minds, when you buy an iPhone, you have the best smartphone available.

How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture an iPhone 12?

Apple does not release production costs to the public to avoid revealing its margins.

However, some experts did a cost analysis and placed the iPhone 12’s production cost of each iPhone 12 at $548, adding that the iPhone 13 costs $22 more to make.

Do iPhones Get Cheaper When a New One Is Released?

iPhones rarely get cheaper when a new one releases. In fact, judging by iPhone price history, the new model gets more expensive.

The rationale behind this is that Apple would rather you add a couple of more dollars for the new release than pay less for the older model, which cost them almost the same price to manufacture.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

Out-of-warranty iPhone screen repair is as expensive as a mid-range Android phone. Since the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups share displays, they cost the same to repair.

The prices range from $229 for the mini to $329 for the Pro Max models. The iPhone SE is slightly cheaper to fix at $169, which is still mind-blowingly expensive for a 4.7” LCD display.

In contrast, you can buy an iPhone 12 screen repair kit for less than $100 and fix it yourself. You can also buy an iPhone 8 repair kit on Amazon for as low as $30 and fix your iPhone SE.

Back of iPhone Cracked Repair Cost

Back Glass repair is pretty affordable for iPhones if you have AppleCare. It costs $29 for both the iPhone 12 and 13.

Are iPhones Worth It?

iPhones are definitely overpriced. It’s easy to find an Android device with similar features at a fraction of the price. However, the Apple ecosystem is difficult to leave depending on how much you rely on Apple services.

Therefore, buying an iPhone is not a matter of choice for most people.

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How to Get the Best Latest iPhones Deals

If you want to buy a good iPhone at a bargain, you can choose between several options. One would be to wait for holiday discounts or Amazon primedays.

Another great way is to pick a payment plan such as the iPhone Upgrade Program if you already have an iPhone.

Alternatively, you can choose an older model. Since iPhones have few upgrades between models, going two models behind doesn’t make a huge difference.

Plus, Apple offers up to 5 years of support for iPhones, so you’ll still be well within the window.

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