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Why is Five Guys Expensive?

Why Is Five Guys So Expensive Now? (Are They Worth the Prices?)

It’s hard to talk about burgers without mentioning Five Guys. Although this American franchise is known for tasty burgers, it has gained a reputation for being more expensive than most of its competitors. 

So, why are Five Guys burgers and foods so expensive?

After some research and a glimpse into their customer reviews, we concluded that Five Guys products are primarily expensive because of the brand’s reputation. Five Guys is known to make good, fresh burgers and is rarely involved in controversies. The high quality of meat they use and waste disposal costs also contribute to the high prices.

Let’s look at why Five Guys is so expensive in 2022. Keep reading to find out if the burgers and fries are worth the price.

About Five Guys Brand

Five Guys was founded by Jerry Murrell and his family in 1986 as a small carry-out burger joint in Virginia. 

The original staff included Jerry himself, his wife Jenny, and their five sons (hence the name Five Guys). The family continued to serve hand-formed burgers throughout the 80s and 90s.

By 2001, Five Guys had opened five new locations around the DC area. Thanks to the warm reception, they decided to branch out to Maryland and Virginia in 2002.

In 2003, the Murrell family decided it was time to offer a Franchise opportunity, and within 18 months, they had sold over 300 units. This resounding success gave them press coverage, which led to more popularity.

 Since then, Five Guys has grown to over 1700 units globally, with 1500 in development. Five Guys restaurants are found in the US, the UK, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

Five Guys Menu Prices 2022

Here’s a breakdown of Five Guys’ average menu prices in 2022.


Bacon Cheeseburger$8.69
Bacon burger$7.99
Little Hamburger$4.99
Little Bacon burger$5.99
Little Cheeseburger$5.69
Little Bacon Cheeseburger$6.69

Hot Dogs

Hot DogPrice
Bacon Cheese Dog$6.39
Bacon Dog$5.69
Cheese Dog$5.39
Hot Dog$4.69


Grilled Cheese$4.39
Veggie Sandwich with Cheese$4.39
Veggie Sandwich$3.69


Five Guys FriesLittle$3.09
Five Guys FriesRegular$4.19
Five Guys FriesLarge$5.79
Cajun FriesLittle$3.09
Cajun FriesRegular$4.19
Cajun FriesLarge$5.79


Coca Cola Products (large)$2.69
Coca Cola Products (Regular)$2.39
Dasani Bottled Water$2.09

Is Five Guys Really Expensive?

From the menu above, Five Guys is actually expensive. For instance, a bacon burger costs $1.69 at Burger King while it costs $7.99 at Five Guys.  That’s more than a $6 difference in one burger!

Why Is Five Guys So Expensive?

Here are a few reasons why Five Guys is so much more expensive than their competitors:

1. High-Quality Meat

If you’ve had a Five Guys burger, you probably noticed that the patty of meat was not only thicker but also higher quality than you’d get in other fast-food restaurants. 

Although Five Guys is open about their meat not being organic, they explain that it’s sourced from selected farms with a history of quality meat.

Since this meat is not cheap, the price is passed down to customers.

2. Brand Reputation

Five Guys aims to become a premium fast-food chain. Therefore, they spare no expense in ingredients, service, equipment, and branding. 

As a result, Five Guys is rarely sued, a sharp contrast to cheaper brands like Subway and McDonald’s.

This gives the brand a good reputation for great service and good food. Therefore, customers are willing to pay a little extra to enjoy these premium services.

3. They Use Fresh Ingredients

Apart from high-quality meat, Five Guys products are also made with fresh ingredients. All the vegetables are restocked every day to ensure customers get fresh toppings. 

Therefore, you’re also less likely to get sick from Five Guys burgers or sandwiches.

Customers who taste a Five Guys product for the first time coming from cheaper brands are always amazed at how fresh it tastes. 

This has gained the franchise a cult-like following of customers who are willing to pay whatever it takes.

4. Waste Disposal

Redcurrants that use fresh ingredients always have a waste disposal problem. Any food that remains at the end of the day cannot be carried over. 

Furthermore, vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, and even the cheese used in sandwiches and burgers need to be fresh every day.

Since the company spends a lot on proper waste disposal, it’s only logical that they pass down those costs to customers.

Why Are Five Guys Burgers So Expensive?

Five Guys Burgers are primarily expensive because of the fresh ingredients used to make them. Everything from the cheese to the meat and vegetables is restocked every day to ensure it’s fresh and high quality. 

Consequently, Five Guys Burgers are tastier than those from cheaper brands. And, even though fast food is by no means healthy, it’s better for your body when the ingredients are fresh.

Why Is Five Guys So Popular?

There are three primary reasons Five Guys is so popular:

Great Service

Customer service at Five Guys

Five Guys employees are trained to be courteous and to prioritize customers’ needs. They listen to complaints and handle them gracefully. 

This keeps customers coming back, especially after bad experiences with rude waiters in other fast-food restaurants.

Awesome Food

As we saw earlier, Five Guys only uses fresh ingredients. Therefore, their food is always tasty and rarely causes food poisoning (which can’t be said about most fast foods.) 

Even though the Fast Guys menu is small compared to their competitors, they have perfected the art of making good burgers and fries and are now an industry leader.

Five Guys expensive burger and fries

Minimum Controversy

When you see Five Guys on the news, it’s mostly for positive reasons. Most fast-food chains have negative reputations due to constant court battles with customers and even their vendors. However, Five Guys has managed to stay in the public’s good books.

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Are They Worth the Hype?

Although Five Guys products are slightly overpriced, they’re definitely higher quality than most of their competitors. 

Fresh ingredients are very important, especially in the case of high-calorie fast foods. Therefore, paying $7 for a good, fresh burger might be better than paying $1 for a mediocre burger.

If you love a good success story, watch the video below on how Five Guys grew from a small family business to a global fast-food giant.

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