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Expensive mattresses

What Makes Mattresses So Expensive? (5 Main Reasons)

We spend about 33% of our lives sleeping. That’s a considerable amount of time, and as such, we need to ensure that we get quality sleep.

That’s why most people who care about their overall health and wellness strive to invest in good mattresses. 

However, it can be quite costly to buy a good mattress. With latex and hybrid mattresses costing about $1,200-$3,000 or more, you may be wondering, why are mattresses so expensive?

Mattresses are primarily expensive because they are made to last long and are usually made with high-quality material that costs a lot of money—additionally, most mattress companies markup their mattresses by up to 50%, raising the retail value. 

Read on as we look at some of the most expensive mattresses in the world and whether they are worth the hefty price. 

The 5 Most Expensive Mattresses in The Market

Would you spend $210,400 on a mattress?

That’s how much some of the most luxurious mattresses in the world would cost you. Here’s a look at some famous mattress brands with premium rates;

1. Elysium Organic Mattress by Halcyon

Price; $9,999

Halcyon is an American company that sells mattresses with customized options. The Elysium organic boasts a 500 thread count of ultra-smooth organic sateen. A king-size mattress of this specific make will set you back $9,999.

2. VI Spring

Price; $20,000

VI Spring was founded in 1901 and specialized in luxurious mattresses made with the industry’s best craftsmanship. A VI Spring bed can last up to 30 years with good maintenance, ensuring value for your money.

3. Hastens

Price; $67,000

Hastens is a Swedish company that has been in operation since 1852. It is no surprise that with such extensive experience, Hastens has some of the best quality mattresses in the world. They come with a 25-year guarantee and last much longer than that.

4. Royal Ascent Luxetop Mattress by Kluft

Price; $30,000

Kluft is based in the USA and makes luxury mattresses designed to support and contour your body as you sleep. They are leaders in outstanding craftsmanship and the use of the latest technology. 

5. The Dux Xclusive by Duxiana

Price: $27,600

The Swedish brand, Duxiana, uses its patented Pascal cassettes and full-grain aniline leather to create the ultra-lux and premium Dux Xclusive.

The mattress is designed to keep the spine neutral to relieve back pain and chronic discomfort.

Why Are Mattresses So Expensive

Here are some of the main reasons why your mattress search has been a sticker shock rollercoaster;  

1. High-Quality Materials

A mattress is made to last long, and buyers expect a minimum of 5 years from the purchase date. Since we use a mattress for about 7 hours a day, manufacturers must use high-quality materials to ensure longevity. 

Examples of materials used in mattresses include foam, polyester fiber, cotton fiber, felt, and fiber pads. The cost is passed on to the buyer, raising the final retail value.

2. Long Periods Between Purchases

Mattresses can last up to 10 years, meaning that you will not be buying from the manufacturers for almost a decade.

To stay in business, mattress companies consider the time value you are getting and how they can stay in business before you need a new mattress.

3. Sales Commissions

If you buy your mattress from a store, you are likely paying for the agent’s commission too. Stores have extra costs, including rent and payroll.

To cover these costs, stores pass on the burden to the consumer. That is why purchasing directly from the brands’ online stores can prove much more economical.

4. High-Profit Margin

Consumer Reports have shown that mattresses have a 40 to 50% profit markup. Additionally, mattresses with a price range of $1,000 and above can have a markup as high as 900%. 

This markup adds to the final retail price and leaves buyers with the hefty price tags common in stores.

5. Special Requirements

Mattress with special provisions cost more for obvious reasons. The extra care, time, and materials that go into adding the extra requirements significantly add to the final cost.

Some unique additions include Orthopaedic qualities to support limbs, cooling capabilities, and extra padding.

Are Expensive Mattresses worth it?

Should you buy that expensive mattress you have been eyeing? Research shows that expensive mattresses are worth the hefty price tags. Sleep is an integral part of your daily energy levels, which determines your output at work and in life.

It is unnecessary to buy an over-the-top luxe mattress like the $1.6 M floating bed to enjoy the comfort of superior craftsmanship.

However, making a conscious effort to choose a mattress that will last longer and offer the level of comfort you are looking for will be good for your overall health and quality of life. 

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The Best Place To Buy Mattresses

Buying mattresses online is almost always more economical than buying from a physical store. Additionally, you can sift through options, specifications, and makes without the pressure of a salesperson.

Here are some of the best online stores to buy quality mattresses from;

  • Amazon

Amazon is an excellent option for mattresses because they offer deliveries countrywide. They also stock mattresses from different brands that cater to all kinds of budgets.

 Amazon also has numerous user reviews from buyers who’ve had the mattresses in different stages and periods, giving you the best platform to decide before purchasing.

  • Saatva

Saatva is a mattress brand that offers delivery countrywide. Additionally, Saatva is one of the few mattress brands that are environmentally conscious and uses organic cotton and eco-friendly foams in its mattresses. 

Saatva offers discounts that can take a chunk off the initial cost of the mattresses. Look out for major holiday offers like this 4th of July discount of up to $450 on selected brands.

  • Waiyfair

Waiyfair is an online furniture store that stock everything you need for your home. The mattress section offers an extensive size and material selection with options of up to five comfort levels. Additionally, Waiyfair stocks foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattress options.

Do yourself a favor and get a good mattress for better sleep quality. Make the 33 years count.

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