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Why is linen fabric expensive?

Why is Linen Fabric So Expensive and Luxurious?

Linen fabrics have long been considered one of the most superior fabrics, even by the ancient Egyptian royalty. 

Primarily grown and produced in Western Europe, linen has many amazing properties such as thermoregulation, antibacterial qualities, and many more that I will discuss later here. 

However, linen fabric usually costs way more than other natural and synthetic fabrics such as cotton. Why is that? 

Well, linen is highly labor-intensive, time-consuming, and takes longer to produce compared to the other synthetic fabrics. This means that less is produced at the same time as cheaper fabrics such as cotton, leading to higher prices.

About Linen Fabric

Linen is made from the flax plant. It is lightweight but strong, absorbent, and durable. It is also softer and dries faster than cotton, so it is usually preferred as the best bedding material. 

Making linen fiber is a long and time-consuming process, which in turn makes the fabric expensive. 

For instance, the flax plant is an annual plant meaning it’s only available for one season annually.

Linen was a popular fiber for bandages in earlier times because of its superior absorbent qualities and medicinal properties. 

Is Linen Still Considered Luxury? 

Yes, linen is still considered a luxury in 2022. This is because it costs a fortune to produce linen. 

The production process to spin and weave flax plants into linen is labor-intensive and time-consuming. This translates to high retail prices way above the common prices for say, cotton beddings. 

Besides, linen is one of the most expensive bedding fabrics in the world. With qualities such as antibacterial properties, eco-friendly and sustainability as well as durability, linen is a luxury worthy of its price.

Why is Linen So Expensive? 

Linen is considered a luxury for its superior qualities. Here are some of the reasons why linen is a highly-priced fabric.

1. High Production Costs

Linen is laborious to produce. To extract the cellulose fibers that grow inside its stalks, the flax plant is usually hand-pulled from the ground. 

Pulling is preferred to cutting to preserve the fiber in the stalk. This is highly labor-intensive. The whole process is not automated like other manufacturing processes are. The extra cost to cover production is passed on to the consumer at the final retail price.

2. High-Quality Fabric

Linen has great qualities that have made it a favorite for thousands of years. It is strong and durable and is known to have temperature regulating qualities that keep the bed cool during warm conditions and cozy when cold. 

That’s why it is so popular as bedding. It is soft and absorbent, making it perfect for people who sweat at night.

3. Slower Production Time

To produce linen, fax fibers are harvested and then stored for a time to soften down. Additionally, linen is not as elastic as other types of fabric. 

This increases the risk of the fabric breaking during the weaving process. To prevent this, the process has to be slowed down. 

These and many other processes prolong the production time for linen as compared to other fabrics. This ultimately makes linen expensive to cater to the slow production.  

4. Health Benefits

Linen was mostly used as a bandage in early history not only for its absorbent and soft qualities but also because it has antibacterial qualities. 

Lineen cloths harbor fewer germs compared to other fabrics and are recommended for use as kitchen towels. 

This unique property also ensures that you don’t develop body odor. Since body odor is caused by bacteria, with linen clothes or beddings you will stay fresher for longer.

5. Wicking and Thermoregulation

When using it as bedding in a hot climate, linen lifts sweat off the body and transfers it to the fabric to prevent the clammy feeling. 

This cools the fabric and cools the body too. In colder climates, the linen traps the heat and keeps the air warm. Linen excels at this that is why it is the preferred bedding of choice. 

Some of the Best Linen-made Fabrics on Amazon 

Expensive linen fabric
Linen Fabric

1. Best Linen Sheets 

European linen is the number one fabric used to make the most popular linen fabrics in the world. Some of the best brands to purchase the best quality linen from include;

  • Parachute Linen Sheets

Parachute linen sheets use premium European flax linen. These linen are highly praised for using 100% European flax that starts out soft and gets softer over time. They are also lint-free and easy to machine wash. 

Parachute offers linen sheets in 10 colors including ochre, and clay, a dusty pink. These sheets range from $104 for top sheets and $80 for fitted sheets. A full set with duvet covers will cost upwards of $460.

  • West Elm Linen Sheets

West Elm sheets are made from 100 percent Belgian flax linen, the best in the market. West Elm linen sheets are softer and more breathable. They are also great at wicking moisture and regulating temperature which is why they rate so high as beddings. West Elm sheets are budget-friendly, with sheets starting from around $35.

  • Sijo French Linen Sheet Set

French linen is another favorite in the linen world. It is strong and has a fresh timeless look. Sijo sheets soften with age and don’t require much maintenance. A 3-piece set of the French linen sheets cost around $140-$155 on Amazon.

2. Best Linen Duvet Covers

  • Levtex Duvet Covers

This brand offers a range of colors for its duvet covers. These are breathable and cool to touch.  

  •  Matteo Vintage Linen

Matteo offers beautiful color choices on their 100%linene duvets. This is a slightly more expensive brand, but the superior quality of their linen fabric is well worth it.

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Is Expensive Linen Fabric Worth It? 

Linen fabric is worth its slightly higher price compared to other materials such as cotton. Your bed will always be cool to the touch, retain warmth when it’s cold outside, and never pool your sweat. 

Linen also has a timeless look that makes it effortless to keep your bedroom looking fresh all the time.

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