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Balenciaga extra destroyed" sneakers

Why are Balenciaga Shoes “Ugly” But So Expensive?

Balenciaga is a luxury fashion house with a long, rich history of successful designs and renowned clients. In the ‘60s, Balenciaga was so popular that Fabiola, then Queen of Belgium commissioned a dress from the brand. 

In the 21st century, the brand has garnered a reputation for luxury, quality, durability, and recently, an expensive line of “ugly” shoes. These “ugly” fashionable shoes have stirred up controversy and with good reason. 

Some of them are intentionally made to look beat down, old, and ‘torn”, appropriately named “Fully Destroyed”. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for shoes this “ugly?”

Buyers of Balenciaga’s “ugly” shoes are high net worth individuals who buy the sneakers mostly for the status symbol. The shoe’s design may not appeal to many people but the high prices, luxury status, and exclusivity means that Balenciaga consumers are willing to pay high prices for the privilege.  

So, are these so-called “ugly” shoes worth the hefty price tag? Read on to find out.

About the Balenciaga Brand

Balenciaga Luxury Store
Balenciaga Outlet

Balenciaga was founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1919. The Balenciaga brand was heralded for revolutionizing women’s fashion in the mid-50s.

Balenciaga was well known for using heavy fabrics, intricate embroidery, and bold materials. 

The most popular and redefining trademark in Balenciaga history was the swan-like collars that pulled away from the collar bone. Christian Dior is famously quoted referring to Balenciaga as the “master of us all”.  

In 2001, multinational French company Kering acquired Balenciaga in a multimillion-dollar deal. Kering owns multiple luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Alexander McQueen. 

The brand is estimated to have a net worth of over $15 billion. Currently, Balenciaga is very popular for its Speed Sock and Triple S sneakers.

With a bold marketing strategy and daring designs, the brand has attracted both fascination and criticism.

Average Price of Balenciaga Shoes 

Balenciaga shoes are way more expensive than the usual sneakers bought at the mall. The most expensive Balenciaga shoes cost as much as $3,250

The average sneaker goes for about $500 with the most popular editions going for more than $1000

Why is Balenciaga So Popular?

Balenciaga is a high-demand brand with widespread celebrity exposure and endorsements. Recently, Kylie Jenner bought one of Balenciaga’s most expensive products, the Women’s 3d pumps. 

The billionaire member of the Kardashian clan has millions of worldwide fans on her social media accounts. 

The exposure means that Balenciaga is associated with status and prestige. It is this exclusivity and symbolism of luxury and wealth that makes Balenciaga so popular. 

Are Balenciaga Shoes Really Ugly?

There is a big enough selection of Balenciaga shoes that are most definitely not ugly. However, some Balenciagas are a hard sell, like the Women’s 3D printed rubber pumps. 

These shoes are not winning any pretty shoe awards any time soon, and no cute outfit can fix that. Curiously enough, the extremely high price tag seems to make the shoe appealing to ultra-rich clientele. 

Why are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive? 

Balenciaga is a luxury brand centered around high fashion and exclusivity. To be exclusive, the brand cannot mass produce and flood the market with its products. Low supply means high prices. Other reasons why the brand is so expensive include;

1. Status

Rocking a Balenciaga shoe means you have the money to buy them, and that reflects on your image and social status. It is a statement shoe that sets you apart as opulent enough to afford the brand.

2. Exclusivity

Most people do not like wearing similar outfits to everybody else. Balenciaga are not worn by everyone on the street.

Owning a Balenciaga means that you have joined the ranks of celebrities such as Kanye West and Bella Hadid. What’s more exclusive than wearing the same brand as your idol?

3. Lasting Quality and Comfort

There’s a lot of discussion on how expensive Balenciaga are but one factor gets overlooked; Balenciaga are produced with high-quality materials made to last.

Most of the shoes are still made in Italy with quality materials and superior craftsmanship at the forefront of production. The shoes provide comfort and long-lasting quality to offer value for the high price tag.

4. True Luxury

Balenciaga is a fashion house that has dressed monarchs and many legendary historical figures. The privilege of being associated with such prestige does not come cheap. 

5. Fashion Opulence

The popular saying that money can’t buy class may be true in many instances, but with Balenciaga, the fact that you can appreciate the rich history and art behind the designs of these shoes means that you are conscious of fashion trends. 

Balenciaga Most Expensive Shoe 

The Triple S Balenciaga shoes have some of the highest price tags in the brand’s line. However, the Women’s 3d 110mm pumps cost a whopping $3,250.

Here are some other makes that make the list of the most expensive Balenciaga shoes;

  • Balenciaga Track Sculpture in silver at $5,750. These shoes are made entirely out of brass and are not meant to be worn. The wearable version retails at $895.
  • Triple S Sneaker clear sole at $1,150
  • Blue LED Track sneakers at $1,150
  • Balenciaga Runner sneaker at $1,090

Are Balenciaga Shoes Comfortable and Good Quality?

Expensive Balenciaga shoes
Balenciaga Sneakers

Both client and critics’ reviews applaud Balenciaga for its good quality. The primary materials used in Balenciaga shoes are leather, suede and fabric, silk, wool, and cashmere. 

The shoes were initially produced in Italy, with the production of some designs moved to China in recent years. The move to make some of the brand’s shoes in China was a shock to many customers. 

However, according to different respected sources, the shoes made in China are of the same if not better quality as those made in Italy.  

Is Balenciaga a Luxury Brand? 

Balenciaga is associated with a sense of prestige, status, and desirability. Linkedin defines a luxury brand as one that is never tethered to trends. 

Balenciaga’s “ugly” shoes can hardly be called trendy. And yet, the brand has managed to not only popularize these shoes but also sell them at a very high price. 

This shows that people buy the brand for the status symbol, a major hallmark of luxury brands.   

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Is Balenciaga Worth It? 

Balenciaga shoes are worth the purchase if you love exclusivity and luxury. These shoes are worn by A-list celebrities and other well known-figures, signifying the brand’s popularity. 

For consumers who want to show off their wealth, nothing symbolizes status more than a pair of sock sneakers from a Balenciaga store. The superior quality of the shoes will also give you value for your money. 

The shoe designs will definitely not suit everyone’s taste in fashion. However, Balenciaga shoes are made with unique art and craftsmanship that is not seen in other brands.

Where to Buy Balenciaga Shoes? 

Balenciaga has an official site where you can find all their products. The site also features other Balenciaga products such as bags, shoes, and accessories. 

Balenciaga also has about 180 physical stores worldwide. Other shopping sites that stock the shoes include Nordstrom, Lyst, and Mytheresa.

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