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Golden Goose Shoes

Why are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive?

Golden Goose is an Italian high fashion shoe brand by husband-and-wife duo Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. The brand has gained popularity for the scuffed and dirty look of its luxury brand sneakers.

Furthermore, the sneaker prices are sky-high with retail stores tagging them at a range of between $40,000 to $70,000. So, why are Golden Goose shoes so expensive?

Golden Goose Shoes are so expensive because each pair is individually hand-made and distressed in Italy. Additionally, the brand uses calf-skin leather as opposed to synthetic fiber or other cheaper types of leather.

With more than a hundred directly owned stores, Golden Goose has risen fast and shows no signs of slowing down at all.

So, what other reasons make this popular brand so expensive? First, a short history of the relatively new sneaker brand.

About Golden Goose Brand

Brief History

Golden Goose was founded in 2000 in Venice, Italy by a married duo.

The inspiration behind the distressed sneakers’ brand was the travel destination and experiences that the couple had as well as Italy’s handcrafted sartorial elegance.

The scruffs, skid marks, and scratches on the sneakers are meant to evoke vivid images of memories made, and experiences had.

Each unique marking on the sneakers is handmade by a Sneaker Maker with much attention to detail and quality. The half star logo is also a direct representation of the perfectly imperfect stance the brand stands for.

Who owns Golden Goose?

Golden Goose is owned by Italian married duo Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo. They started the brand in a laboratory near Venice in the early 2000s.

With their motto of “Perfectly Imperfect’, the brand took off as a favorite among sneakerheads and celebrities alike who have helped the brand rise in popularity.

Since then, the brand has had several partnerships. Most recently, Golden Goose was acquired by Permira, a private-equity firm, for around €1.3 billion ($1.09 billion). Maureen Chiquet is the current CEO of the Venice-based brand.

Golden Goose Sneakers Price

The Golden Goose printed runner sneakers come with 100% rubber sole, 80% leather lining, and 80%, 60% outer leather cover. Retailing at $1,297.

Golden Goose star-patch lace-up sneakers come in white, black, and silver with a beautiful leopard print. They are made of calf leather with 100% rubber soles. Currently retailing at $1,029 at Farfetch.

These comfy printed runner sneakers come with a white and gray cotton and leather combo with 100% rubber sole. This runner shoe is retailing at $1,297.

What makes Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

1.    They Are Handmade

The most unique aspect of Golden Goose sneakers would be that every shoe is individually handmade.

Sneaker Makers, as the artisans are called, spend a painstaking amount of time on each pair to ensure that it is as unique as possible.

All the scuff marks and skid stains on each pair are also individually created. Obviously, this takes a lot of time and dedication from the team of sneaker makers, which also means that mass production is not an option.

2.    Golden Goose is Unique

Handmade items are widely known to be very unique as no two items are ever made the same. Additionally, Golden Goose as a brand aims at retaining its popularity. The rules of supply and demand dictate that as the supply falls, demand rises.

Therefore, the brand does not flood the market with the same of everything but keeps collections unique and outstanding. That means that sneaker wearers will not look like every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the streets.

3.    Costly Leather

Golden Goose uses calf-skin leather on their shoes. calf-skin is actually very expensive compared to other leather types.

According to fashion design specialists, calf skin is more expensive because the source material has a smaller surface area, thus less product. This, in turn, makes the sneaker’s price go up.

4.    Sneaker Height

Golden Goose sneakers have a hidden wedge on their sole that adds height to the wearer. This height difference has an elongating effect on legs, which is a favorite feature among women buyers.

The women’s sneaker section reviews mention of the heel size as a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing.

5.     Distressed Touch

Arguably, the most discussed topic concerning the Golden Goose sneakers is the distressed touch. The joke on forums is why pay for dirty sneakers.

However, loyal clients and critics compare this to ripped jeans that have become a staple in fashion. The scuff marks and distressed look give the sneakers a ‘broken-in’ feel. 

Most Expensive Golden Goose Sneakers 2022

The most expensive Golden Goose sneakers are in the women’s selection. The highest-priced pair are the Golden Goose Slide high-top sneakers retailing at a whopping $1,447.

Features include 100% calf Leather on the outer layer, Fabric 100%, a Swarovski crystal, leather and fabric lining, and 100% rubber sole.

Is Golden Goose a luxury brand?

Investopedia defines luxury brands as highly desirable items within a society. Golden Goose has been making airwaves as one of the most sought-after brands of 2022.

The high price range ensures that only those with expendable income can afford to dole out hundreds of dollars on just one pair of shoes.

Luxury is also about comfort and pleasure. The Golden Goose sneakers have been described as comfortable and long-lasting. Arguably, Golden Goose fits all the hallmarks of a luxury brand.

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Is Golden Goose Cheaper in Italy?

Golden Goose sneakers are cheaper in Italy and most of Europe solely because of taxes. A pair can end up being $100 to $200 cheaper than in the U.S.

So, are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth It?

For lovers of luxury brands, comfort, and unique styles, Golden Goose sneakers are worth all the fuss.

A quick read of their reviews online will show just how popular these shoes have become with users not only for their comfort but also for their beautiful designs.

Golden Goose is undoubtedly an expensive brand. However, the comfort and good quality of these shoes make the price worthwhile.

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