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Why is Melin Expensive?

Why are Melin Hats So Expensive? (Are they Worth the $1200 Price Tag?)

In the 20th century, “made in Italy” hats became a symbol of elegance and luxury thanks to brands like Borsalino. 

By the turn of the 21st century,  luxury headwear became a must-have, especially for fashion-conscious men. 

The hat brand Melin was founded by Brian McDonell and Corey Roth to give luxury fashion lovers a hat to match their prestigious outfits. 

Some exclusive Melin hats cost anywhere from $180 to $1,200 per piece. That’s right, one Melin hat will set you back a couple hundred or even thousands of dollars. 

So, why are these hats so outrageously expensive?

Melin hats are so expensive because they are a luxury headwear brand. Additionally, the hats are made with a focus on attention to detail, ongoing innovation, and superior material that sets the hats apart from the competition.

Are these hats worth the price? Read on to learn more about this California-based luxury brand. 

About Melin Hats 

Brian McDonell and Corey Roth started the Melin brand in 2013. Melin is a play on the word millinery,  a 16th-century word meaning a custom hat maker. 

Influenced by their Southern California childhood, the duo set out to make the best crafted, finest quality, and most prestigious hats in the market. 

The brand uses high-quality materials to make its hats. These include Italian Cashmere, Loro Piana Doeskin Wool, Japanese Denim, and Genuine Stingray. 

To ensure the highest levels of quality, each Melin hat is issued a certificate of approval before leaving the manufacturing plant.  

Melin Hats Prices

Melin hats range from about $69 to 100$ on their official website and the Melin Amazon store.

On eBay, there are new, used, and limited edition hats on sale that can go up to $1200. Here are some of the hats on the site and their prices.

  • The Melin Hydro Coronado Neon Yellow Splash Hat.

Price; $200.

  • The Melin A-game hydro tropic noise collection

Price: $120.

  • Melin Hydro Coronado Neon Pink Splash Hat

Price; $169.

Why are these Hats So Expensive? 

Expensive Melin Hat
Melin Odyssey Brick Hydro hat: Image credits,

1. Superior Quality

Melin hats are made from hand-picked materials. The cofounders researched worldwide for the best mix of materials for almost four years before finally launching the brand. 

The final product is a hat that is waterproof, has excellent quality, and lasts years with no signs of wear and tear. 

2. It’s a Luxury Brand

Melin is a luxury brand targeted at fashion-conscious men who are willing to spend a little bit more on headwear. 

Melin clients are not deterred by the hefty prices but rather focus on the quality of the hats and the status symbol that the brand has come to stand for.

3. Melin Hats are always in High Demand

It is not uncommon for Melin hats to sell out each year. The brand has mastered the art of maintaining supply at just the right balance between selling enough to keep interest in the hats high and producing under the demand rate to keep fans hungry for more.

That means that demand for Melin hats is always high.

4. Exclusivity

Low supply means that there aren’t as many people who can rock the hats. High prices also effectively mean that wearing a Melin hat has become an exclusive way to showcase one’s knowledge of fashion and current trends. 

5. Resale Value

Rare Melin hats resale at more than double the original price. Since the hats sell out, having a limited edition Melin means that people are willing to pay high prices to get their hands on the hats. 

Do Melin Hats Ever Go on Sale? 

Melin hats have not officially been on sale on any of the sites selling the brand. It could be because the hats sell out before the company feels the need to find strategies to push them off the shelves. 

The closest you can get to a reduction in price is through using discount codes on some of their best sellers. A lot of sites online use promo codes and referral programs to sell their products. 

Influencers and other online users promoting the brand may also give away promo codes from time to time. 

Are Melin Hats Worth the Price? 

So, are Melin hats worth the high price? Definitely! Melin hats are worth every dollar you spend. Melin is more than just a hat, it’s a fashion statement. 

First, the quality is supreme and will last you years, saving you the hassle of outgrowing your favorite hat and spending more time and money getting a new one. 

Melin hats are also waterproof,  with moisture-wicking headbands. This means that you can wear them in rainy weather, on your boat, or as your preferred golfing cap. 

You can wash them when they get dirty, and they don’t fade or lose color, especially on the bent areas like other hats do. Overall, Melin is a good brand to spend your money on, every cent will be worth it.   

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Where to buy Original Melin Hats 

Melin has a physical store in Laguna Beach, CA. Alternatively, you can shop on their official website here

It is arguably the best place to find the latest news on new releases and new stores to buy authentic Melin hats. 

Another place you can easily find authentic Melin hats is on the Amazon Melin store.

You can also find used or resell Melin hats for sale or auction on eBay.

Melin Hats Alternatives 

Melin hats are expensive. For people who would love quality and well-made headwear, here are some alternatives that won’t break the bank;

1. The  Uniqlo Two-way Stretch Cap

The hats are popular through Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis champion who has a partnership with the company. The hats feature the famous RF logo that stands for the star’s name. They are comfortable and retail at around $16.

2. Nike ACG AW84 Cap

This is another good alternative for Melin hats. This Nike hat has great reviews from customers. It features an inwards depressed underside just under the brim to grip the cap when taking it on or off. It’s currently retailing at around $35.

3. The Arc’teryx Elaho Cap

This cap is lightweight and easily compressible to fit in your suitcase or hiking bag. It is selling at around $40.50.