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why are octonauts toys expensive

Why are Octonauts Toys So Expensive?

Octonauts toys are the latest toy obsession by kids all over the country. These movie-based figures are now selling for ridiculous figures, and have become increasingly rare to find. But why are they so expensive?

Octonauts toys are primarily expensive because of their popularity. The toys are based on a successful British children’s tv show which makes them desirable to anyone who’s watched it. Their superior design, durability and the reputation of the companies that manufactures them also contribute to the high prices.

This article looks at why Octonauts Toys are so costly in 2022. Keep reading to find out if they’re worth the money.

About Octonauts Toys

Octonauts is a British children’s show based on a book by Michael C. Murphy. The show follows a team of stylized anthropomorphic animals who live and explore underwater and go for undersea adventures. 

Although the setting and technology are fictional, the characters are based on real marine animals in their habitats. Some have compared the show’s subject matter to Thunderbirds and Star Trek.

Octonauts toys are mostly figures based on the show’s characters and technology. They include the characters themselves, their underwater homes, and vehicles

Owing to the show’s success, the toys were also successful and make a good Christmas present for kids around the world.

How Much Do They Cost?

Octonauts toys are priced differently depending on the model, version, and where you buy them. However, none of them is cheap. 

An average Octonauts figure costs around $50 but can go as high as $150.

Does Fisher-Price Still Make Octonauts?

Fisher-Price is the American company that was tasked with producing original Octonauts toys. They started making Octonauts figures as soon as the show premiered in 2010. 

However, after Season 5 of the show was delayed in 2018, Fisher-Price stopped producing the figures.

Are Octonauts Toys Discontinued?

Although Octonauts toys had been discontinued a few years ago, they made a comeback in 2021. This is after a successful Season 5 of the show towards the end of 2020. The new line of Octonauts is now made by Moose Toys.

Why Are Octonauts Toys So Expensive?

It’s interesting to think that people are willing to pay $150 for a toy from a children’s show. So, why are Octonauts toy prices so insane?

1. They are Rare Toys

One of the most special things about Octonauts toys is their limited edition line. While normal Octonauts are anything but cheap, the limited ones are even more expensive.

The Octonauts show has eight main characters: Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, Dashi, Shellington, Peso, the Vegimals, and Professor Inking. 

There are eight Octonauts toys based on these characters. Therefore, a set of Octonauts is not complete without these toys.

There are also limited edition vehicles made from the show. As a result, these toys are desirable yet incredibly hard to find. Thanks to this rarity, those who have complete collections sell them for an arm and a leg.

2. Octonauts’ Popularity

Octonauts Toys

If you have young kids going to kindergarten, they’ve probably asked you for Octonauts. The show is addictive for both kids and adults for its cute characters and interesting subject matter. Each adventure the characters go on is fun and informative for the young viewers.

It’s therefore not surprising that every kid who watches the show wants Octonauts toys. Since the eight underwater explorers are so popular, people are willing to pay high prices for the figures.

3. The Toys are Sturdy and Durable

It’s not uncommon for children’s show-inspired toys to be fragile because they are more of collector items and not actual toys that people play with. But that’s not the case with Octonauts.

Fisher-Price prioritized quality when they made Octonauts toys. They’re made from high-quality materials and have a robust design. Since the build quality is well accomplished, the toys are also very durable.

An Octonauts toy can last for several years and can even be passed down to younger siblings when the owner outgrows them. Due to the price of high-quality materials like Expensive fabric, ABS plastic, and cotton, the toys have to be pricey.

4. Design, Color, and Size

Octonauts are pretty interesting toys, not just because they are based on a popular tv show, but also because they look captivating. 

As the cartoons on Octonauts are creatively drawn, the toys are meticulously designed to mimic them. Thus they are designed with great care to become the perfect embodiment.

The toys are also available in different sizes, making the collection versatile. A complete Octonauts set is the focal point of any room it’s placed in owing to the combination of beautiful designs, colors, and sizes. This makes it desirable, hence expensive.

5. Octonauts’ Brand Reputation

Octonauts are known the world over for their high quality. Fisher-Price has never compromised on quality when making these popular figures. 

Moose Toys, which recently started producing Octonauts is also a reputable brand known for its high-quality toys.

These brands are also known for making high-end products and rarely make cheap toys. Therefore, when people buy Octonauts, they’re confident about the durability and build quality thanks to the brands that manufactured them.

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Are Used Octonauts Toys Worth Buying?

Due to the extreme rarity of some Octonauts toys, it’s difficult to find them brand new. Therefore, most people look for them in the used market.

On one hand, used Octonauts are almost as good as new ones because of their high quality. They hold up well even after prolonged use, and it’s rare to see a worn-out piece.

On the other hand, used Octonauts are surprisingly expensive, even more costly than new ones. Limited edition Octonauts sometimes sell for $200 on eBay!

As a result, used Octonauts are only worth buying if they’re cheap.

Where To  Buy Octonauts Toys

Octonauts have been rare to find new for the past couple of years. However, since Moose Toys started making the new edition, it’s possible to find most figures on Amazon or Fisher-Price’s official site.

If you don’t find your favorite figure on those sites, you can also go to brick-and-mortar toy stores like Toys “R” Us. You can also try and search in used marketplaces like eBay and craigslist.

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