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The Ashera cat breed

Why is the Ashera Breed the Most Expensive Cat in the World?

If you ask most cat owners where they got their pet, they’ll probably say they picked it up as a stray on the streets.

Some got kittens as gifts from friends and families, while others adopted their feline friends from rescue centers. 

We dare bet that 99% of cat owners wouldn’t believe that a cat would cost more than $100. However, with breeds such as the Bengal, Sphynx, Savannah, and Ashera, people spend thousands of dollars to acquire them.

So what makes the Ashera Cat the most expensive cat in the world?

The Ashera is a rare, beautiful, intelligent cat with both domestic and wild feels. The Ashera exists minimally and is only made/bred in a laboratory. Its scarceness gives it a market eagerness that allows the creator and seller to control and hike the prices as high as possible.

About the Ashera Cat Breed

In 2006, Simon Brodie, a California-based businessman, created the Ashera Cat in his Lifestyle Pets Laboratory. Ashera is the Hebrew name for lightning. 

The hybrid of three cats; the Asian Leopard, the African Serval, and the Domestic Cat; the Ashera Cat, is sold sterile and is only bred in the mentioned lab. 

Since 2006, only 100 Ashera cats have been released to the public, making them the most expensive and rarest cats. Lifestyle Pets breeds and sells only 5 Ashera kittens per year.

Physical Traits

Ashera cat breed

The Ashera Cat is a mix of three cat breeds and has a distinct and beautiful coat. It has black stripes and dots on its short golden coat, resembling its leopard relatives.

The designer cat, though slender, is quite tall and can stand up to 4 feet tall. It is as big as some dog breeds and therefore requires a lot of space in the house when taken in as a pet. It can weigh up to 30 pounds (12-15 kilograms) as an adult.

Characteristics and Personality

The Ashera Cat has been described as occasionally playful with an otherwise laid-back personality.

As kittens, Asheras enjoy people’s company and can create strong bonds with their owners, but the cats eventually grow into quiet and solitary adults. 

These cats are highly independent and require very little attention, save for the regular wash and coat brush.

They are also highly intelligent and have been recorded opening doors, remembering some commands, and walking on a leash.


Unfortunately, Ashera Cats are sterile, so you cannot have a litter of these beautiful kitties to yourself. The cat’s designer bred them sterile to control their population and maintain exclusivity.

The Ashera’s rarity could also stem from the fact that they are still a new breed undergoing tests and studies to understand their species better. 


The Ashera Cat can live for 8-10 years. 

Types of Ashera Cats

As of 2022, there were four types of Ashera Cats. They all differ in small details, such as appearance and size. They include:

The Snow Ashera Cat

The Snow Ashera, or White Ashera, gets its name from its white coat that carries rich amber spots. 

The Common Ashera

The Common Ashera is the first and main Ashera Cat breed. It has a cream coat with distinct brown spots across it. 

The Hypoallergenic Ashera

Though identical to the Common Ashera, the Hypoallergenic Ashera has a coat that doesn’t cause allergies. It is the perfect choice for people that enjoy pets but have allergies.

The Royal Ashera

This fourth type of Ashera Cats is the rarest as it is still in the works. The Royal Ashera has a wilder look and aura compared to its three relatives. It also has a brighter coat with richly colored spots or stripes.

Why are Ashera Cats so Rare?

The Ashera Cats are extremely rare as they are only manufactured in a single known laboratory worldwide.

In fact, the Ashera Cat breed is recognized by the largest cat breeds association, and therefore the Lifestyle Pets Laboratory has a monopoly over its existence.

Furthermore, the lab only breeds a handful of pre-sterilized cats annually, making their uncontrolled duplication impossible.

The Ashera Cat Price

Asheras are so rare

The Ashera Cat is the most expensive in the world, costing an astonishing $96000-$125,000 depending on the type. 

Ashera Cats are only sold as kittens as this allows the cats to grow with and form bonds with their owners. 

It also makes it possible for the cat’s creators to study and monitor its interaction with human beings throughout its lifetime to make the necessary adjustments with the next generation. 

Why are the Ashera Cats so Expensive?

As mentioned, the Ashera Cats are the most expensive in the world. Here are a few things that make them so costly compared to other cats:

1. Rarity

Ashera Cats are the rarest cats, created in a single laboratory with only five kittens reared in a year. According to Simon Brodie, the cats are so rare that the kittens could have a three-year buyer’s waitlist. Because of this, the cats are also very exclusive and are only available to the few who can afford them.

2. High Breeding Costs

Considering that the Ashera Cat is not bred and born as common cats are but manufactured in a laboratory, the cat automatically costs much more than the rest.

The expensive price tag of the Ashera Cat could reflect the costs incurred in making the cat breed. The time, effort, and resources used to develop the perfect specimen require compensation which most likely goes into the cat’s price.

3. Monopoly

When one person or corporation has a monopoly over the supply of a commodity, they can manipulate the prices in whatever way they please without any repercussions. 

Initially, the Ashera Cat cost $22,000, but in the last 16 years, the price has increased six times to $125,000.

It will most likely continue to increase, especially with increased demand, since the creators take this as a business opportunity to grow their enterprise, and no one can challenge them.

4. Centralized Cat Care

Unlike most pets who receive vet care from any animal clinic, the Ashera Cat can only get its vaccination, microchipping, and neutering from its manufacturing laboratory.

Once ready, the cats get hand-delivered to the buyers, and the laboratory constantly follows up with the client to know how the cat is doing. All these services come at a cost which reflects in the final expense. 

5. Aesthetics and Status

Another reason why the Ashera Cat is so expensive is because of its aesthetics. Some people have described owning the Ashera Cat as having a small leopard in your home.

Since it is illegal to pet wild animals, the Ashera Cat provides the closest feel to owning a leopard, thus the high cost. The cat provides a feel and status that other cats do not, and it is only logical to pay for such special features. 

The Ashera Cat also has a beautiful appearance which adds to its cost.

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Are Ashera Cats Worth the Price?

To fanatic cat lovers and those who can afford it, the Ashera Cat is worth the price. Some people believe you cannot put a price tag on precious and rare things, and perhaps that is why people keep buying cats even when their prices keep skyrocketing. 

Where to Find an Ashera Cat Breeder

As mentioned, the Ashera Cat is only available from its manufacturing laboratory, Lifestyle Pets. To inquire about this cat or if you are interested in purchasing a kitten, you can visit the Ashera Cat website