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Why are Tieks expensive?

Why are Tieks So Expensive? (Are they Worth It in 2023?)

Tieks by Gavrieli are hand-crafted designer ballerina shoes made in Italy. The flat versatile shoes are made of fine Italian leather. 

They are especially popular because they can be folded and put in a purse. Ladies love them as they are comfortable for a long day at work. 

They can also be easily stored away in a small purse when it’s time to wear heels. However, these shoes are not cheap and they cost anywhere from $185 to $345

So, what makes Tieks so expensive, and are they worth it? 

Tieks are expensive because they are hand-crafted with real Italian leather making them durable and long-lasting. They can last years without wearing out even with hard use. Additionally, Tieks is a luxury brand that offers exclusivity and social prestige. You are not just paying for the shoe but the privilege as well.

Are Tieks worth the money? Read on to find out what all the fuss is about and why Oprah loves these foldable ballerina flats.

Why are Tieks Shoes So Popular? 

Tieks ballerina shoes are popular because they are made with quality, comfort, and prestige in mind. Most ladies who love flat and closed shoes usually complain about blisters, discomfort, and sweaty feet. 

Tieks have solved this problem by making versatile and easily foldable flats. This means that they are snug and fit any foot size. They can be worn all day long 

Average Tieks Prices 

On average, Tieks cost anywhere from $185 to $345. On the other hand, vegan Tieks have a relatively lower price. The vegan options go for between $140 and $185. Here are some of the brand’s shoes and their prices;

  1. Beautiful Leopard Print Tieks. They are made of 100%  full-grain leather with non-skid soles. Price $245.
  2. Vegan Brentwood-style Tieks with synthetic components. Price $185.
  3. The Aquarella is the most expensive release on the Tiek official site. Created to capture the romance of wildflowers, these flats are made with pure Italian leather. One pair of these watercolor beauties costs $345.

Why are Tieks So Expensive? 

1. Tieks are Made of Superior Quality Materials

Tieks ballerina flats are made from full or split-grain Italian leather. This means that the shoes offer the best the market has to offer. 

Italian leather has long been considered the best leather in the world especially when it comes to cloth or shoemaking. 

2. They are Handcrafted

Tieks are painstakingly handmade using modern design and traditional Italian artistry. Each pair of Tieks takes three days and more than 100 hours to make. 

The attention to detail just to produce each shoe means that the price will also be high. 

3. Durability

Made with great materials, Tieks can last up to 5 years with hard use. If not worn regularly, they can serve you even longer. Tieks also don’t stretch out as much or as fast as other ballerina shoes. 

4. Comfort

Comfy Tieks

Tieks offers comfort and quality above all else. Flat ballerina shoes are notorious for causing blisters when worn for too long. 

Tieks have overcome this problem by offering comfy foldable closed flats that can be worn all day long even in the sweltering heat.

5. Choice of Styles and Colors

Tieks offers a range of over 60 colors and styles to choose from. The brand is known for producing limited patterns or colors, which means that these shoes will be quite expensive. 

At present, the watercolor Tieks retailing for $345 are individually painted on the leather such that no two of the designs look the same. This means that each shoe is uniquely made, and the price reflects that. 

6. Flexibility

Tieks offer flexibility when traveling or planning to have a change of footwear. They are foldable and come in a pouch bag.

These pouches serve best for a busy day with different themed events. The pouch is small enough to fit into a purse.  

7. Vegan alternatives

With environmental care an ongoing concern, many people want to do more to help conserve their environment.

Brands have responded by offering responsible ways for their clients to be conscious consumers. With Tieks, you can opt for vegan fiber to aid in efforts to save the environment. 

Do Tieks Ever Go on Sale? 

With Tieks prices so high, most people would prefer to wait for the sale periods and get a pair for a lower more affordable price. 

Unfortunately, Tieks rarely go on sale, if ever. This is because Tieks usually sell out anyway. There are no discounts even on Black Friday. 

Instead, the brand usually reveals a new time-limited Tieks design. The last sale Tieks had was for health workers but even that was for a short time and is no longer active.

For discounts or lower prices, the best place to look would be online platforms such as the Facebook marketplace. You can find slightly used Tieks for a lower rate.

Are Tieks Shoes Worth It in 2023? 

Tieks are made with the best materials on the market. They are comfortable and flexible and last up to years, offering back value for money. 

They are expertly handcrafted to ensure quality. Additionally, Tieks has made a name for itself as a brand among the most luxurious brands in the world. 

That means that a Tieks by Gavriel is not just a shoe, it’s a social statement and a prestigious distinction. Tieks are worth every dollar in 2022.

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Where to Buy Original Tieks 

Tieks has yet to open any physical stores so the best way to get your flats is to order them online. Tieks has an official site where you can find all the latest products and prices at their Tieks Boutiek. 

They offer shipping services as well. For discontinued colors or styles, Tiek Boutiek may not be the best option. 

For slightly older Tieks which may also be better priced, Poshmark is a great option. Another great site where you can buy the shoes is good old eBay.

Here you will find both old and new, and even discontinued styles.

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